The Crossroads Life Coaching
 Endora Crawford, Ph.D.

Self Development Coaching
for Children and Adults

Meet Dr. Crawford

Endora Crawford
Dr.  Endora Crawford holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and
has over 15 years experience helping empower children, adults, and families.
She has worked with a wide range of issues including abuse, abandonment, aggressive behaviors, and school problems. Her special areas of interest include working with individuals who have experienced trauma.

Dr. Crawford helps
-individuals who have experienced trauma reconnect with their feelings and with others and safely move towards wholeness.

-children feel good about themselves by providing a safe environment to deal with issues that affect their emotional well-being.

-parents develop the skills necessary to provide discipline, limit setting, love, and support that will enhance the growth and development of their child.

-families understand how each member influences the family unit and how they can work together to support, nourish, and strengthen the family bond.

-schools understand how trauma affects a child's learning, achievement, motivation, and performance and how school personnel can implement effective behavior management strategies to combat these challenges.

Dr. Crawford earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Jackson State University. She earned her Masters in Social Work at Florida State University and her Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology at Walden University. She completed her doctoral internship at University of Florida, Shands Jacksonville in child and adolescent psychiatry and trauma.

Dr. Crawford has lived in several states within the US and Japan and has visited a number of countries. Her exposure to different cultures and cultural perspectives provides her the benefits of understanding and appreciating cultural differences and influences on behavior.
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